Staying Fit and Ready to Ride

Thoroughbred Week team members Jon Siegel and Ramon Dominguez check in with jockeys, Mike Smith, Junior Alvarado and Johnny Velazquez on how they are staying fit while the tracks are closed due to COVID-19. Three unique jockeys with three different routines. All say they are ready to ride! If you are a fan of these guys, you will enjoy watching this lighthearted discussion as they welcome you into their homes and give you insight on how they are doing physically and mentally.


“I see things so differently now, being here with three kids all day long, it is hard. I need to go work so I can relax a little bit. I watch the races and get excited. I’m a very competitive person and want to start being in that position again!” Junior Alvarado



“I watch Gulfstream and Oaklawn and I realize what a racing fan I am.  These races are like Breeders’ Cup to me, I grab my popcorn and I get so excited. I am ready to get back so I can stop riding this darn bike!”  Mike Smith


“Unlike the other guys, I don’t torture myself.  I don’t watch the races so it doesn’t drive me crazy. I am ready…I have been ready. I just can’t wait to get back!”  Johnny Velazquez